Nokia News 9 June 2009

June 9, 2009


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Firmware Update available for Nokia E75 to v110.48.125


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Nokia News 27 May 2009

May 27, 2009


Nokia N97 Hands On-FoneArena

Taiwan market: Nokia to launch N97 handset in June and more touchscreen models to follow

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Nokia E71 in Diamond Clothing

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LEAK Nokia Rover


Hands-On: Nokia’s Ovi Store,2817,2347648,00.asp

Nokia Ovi Store Accessed in USA via Nokia N95 8GB – A first look

Ovi swings to open position


Nokia E75 camera

Nokia News 22 May 2009

May 22, 2009


Nokia N97 Review: Part 2 – Internet & Multimedia

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Get Up Close And Personal With Facebook On The Nokia N97

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Nokia’s N86 8MP passes FCC – Manual and Pictures available too

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Nokia E71 Black-Small in size but big on features

Nokia News 21 May 2009

May 21, 2009


Playing with Nokia’s new N97

Nokia N97’s Audio quality, will it deliver?

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Nokia 5800 half price this Friday!

Nokia 5800 Comes With Music trade in this Friday

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Nokia E75 Review – Part 3: The Consumer’s Viewpoint

Nokia E75 review


Keepin’ it real fake, part CCXII: Nokia’s N86 cloned ahead of release

Mobile Fun Fact: Symbian sees smartphone market up 12-15 percent

May 20, 2009

1 of 1Full SizeBy Tarmo Virki, European technology correspondent

PARIS (Reuters) – Sales of smartphones are set to grow 12-15 percent in 2009, said Lee Williams, chief of the Symbian Foundation, the consortium of companies around the world’s most popular smartphone operating system.

Smartphones are seen as a bright spot on the shrinking cellphone market this year, with some analysts forecasting above 30 percent market growth for phones with advanced capabilities like e-mail or Internet browsing.

“For the first time people are realizing you don’t have to carry your digital camera with you and your phone, for the first time people are realizing that you can do your email and access Internet services on your mobile phone,” Williams said on Tuesday at the Reuters Global Technology summit in Paris.

He said larger display sizes and more memory for media such as music were also encouraging consumers to buy smartphones.

ARM, the world’s leading chip designer, said on Monday it expects the smartphone market to grow 10 percent, while France’s second-largest mobile operator SFR said it was seeing strong demand for smartphones.

“There we are seeing strong demand and strong growth,” SFR Chief Executive Frank Esser said at the summit.

The overall cellphone market contracted in January-March at the fastest pace in its history, with analysts estimating production falling 13-16 percent — with most expecting 2009 market to fall 10 percent or more due to the recession.

Williams said the mood in the wireless industry has improved somewhat, with companies starting to see “the light at the end of the tunnel.”

“They realize they are still in a tunnel and they don’t know how long it will take to the light, but if you go back two or three months nobody could even see the light,” Williams said.

“It’s still tight and awful … I do think some still have to be hit by a train in this tunnel though,” he said.

So far, Canada’s wireless equipment maker Nortel Networks and Germany’s Qimonda have filed for bankruptcy protection, while many loss-making firms are struggling to refinance their debt.


Williams said he expects membership of the foundation to grow to more than 100, excluding independent software vendors, by the end of 2009. In February Symbian said it had 78 members.

The foundation inherits intellectual property from Nokia and other former shareholders of UK-based smartphone maker Symbian.

Nokia bought out other shareholders of Symbian last year, and committed to give all its software to an independent foundation, which will develop it on an open-source basis, meaning all members can freely use and adapt the code.


Nokia News 20 May 2009

May 20, 2009

Nokia N97 News Roundup With Pre-Order Links

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Mobile Fun Fact 19 May 2009

May 19, 2009

Did you know that only 3% of people recycle their mobile phones despite the fact that on average most have several old devices lying around at home they no longer want. 74% say they don’t think about recycling their mobile phone. 50% of people were unaware that is is possible to recycle mobile phones. If everyone recycled just one of their mobile phones, what could we achieve? Check out for more info.


Nokia News 19 May 2009

May 19, 2009

Nokia N97 Demo at Nokia Developer Summit 09

Nokia 5800 Comes with Music sim-free

10 Things I Like About The Nokia E75

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preorder N97 for 499 pounds UK,39029453,49302290,00.htm

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Network Norway becomes first operator to offer Scandinavia Nokia Messaging

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ABI Research: Economic conditions reducing mobile end-user spending up to 15%

May 18, 2009

Mobile end-user ARPUs (average revenue per user) dropped between 5% and 15% year-over-year in Q4 2008 compared to Q4 2007. China, India, and a number of other Asian markets dropped more than 10%; while Europe saw ARPU contracting in the range of -5 to -8%. In North America, ARPU did not nosedive, thanks to the growth of mobile data usage. Finally, markets in South America were more mixed with some of them deflating inline and others, like Brazil, managing to hold up ARPUs.

Mobile data (messaging + mobile Internet) contributes 38% of Japanese ARPUs, and many European operators depend on mobile data for over 25% to 30% of their ARPU.

One of the fastest growing revenue segments for mobile operators is, unsurprisingly, mobile Internet, which saw growth between 15% and 25% for Q4 2008. On that note, ABI Research expects absolute mobile Internet revenues to continue growing robustly in spite of the economic downturn this year.

As for the end-user voice traffic, it still managed to grow between 2% and 10% depending on the market, but revenue/minute continues to decline, as users start embracing mobile data applications such as messaging, web browsing and game downloads.

More information about ABI Research’s study titled “Mobile Subscriber ARPU, Voice, Messaging and Data Traffic Market Data” is available from their website.


Nokia News 18 May 2009

May 18, 2009

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